Playboy To Stop Showing Nudes Ahead Of Hillary Clinton Pictorial


Los Angeles-Playboy shocked the world on Monday with the announcement that nude women will no longer be featured in its world-famous men’s magazine. Playboy will focus on an article driven PG-13 approach which has been used by other men’s magazines. This announcement could not come at a worse time for Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Presidential candidate’s nude pictorial was set to be released later this month. “Simply devastated” was the phrase used by Clinton spokesperson Sara Walsh to describe the mood of the staff after the bombshell was dropped. “We were all set for this. It was going to happen, then it didn’t. Where do we go from here?” Playboy, who has been loosing magazine subscribers for years and all the while starved for publicity was taking a chance allowing a 67 year-old Hillary Clinton to graces its pages in a nude spread. Playboy photographer Curtis Wright, the man who shot Clinton’s pictorial reflected on the experience. “It’s not every day you get to work with someone with the resume of a Hillary Clinton. First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State. Most of the girls I shoot are secretaries of Dental offices, so this was really a step up.” Wright would go on and speak about Clinton’s professionalism during the shoot. “Hillary is a pro’s pro. She knows her angles, and how to Contour her body in just the right way for the pose. It was also the first time I didn’t have a boner during a shoot which was refreshing.” Wright would go on to say that working with the former New York Senator made him realize why he feel in love with photography in the first place. Secretary Clinton is said to be taking this setback in stride. The Former First Lady said that the untouched photos will not go by the wayside, instead they will be used as an incentive prize for would be campaign donors.


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