Philadelphia, PA—The Philadelphia Eagles sent shock waves through the NFL when they unceremoniously fired Head Coach Chip Kelly Tuesday evening. Kelly who had a meager 26-21 record in three seasons with the Eagles never seemed to get management or his players behind his up-tempo college style offense—and to add insult to injury Kelly was fired just days before the Eagles end of season pizza party. “The end of season pizza party is an Eagles tradition—being from Philadelphia we get sick of cheese-steaks pretty quickly, so by season’s end we’re ready for some pizza,” said Eagles Quarterback Sam Bradford. According to several Eagles sources, it was Kelly himself who came up with the pizza party idea—along with his fast-paced offense it was a tradition he brought from his coaching days at the University of Oregon. “The timing could not be worse,” says Eagles Running Back Demarco Murray. “The Eagles always end the season with a pizza party—it’s known league wide. It’s the reason I signed here in the off-season. The worse part of it is the fact we were ending the season in New York—they got the best pizza. We usually just get Papa Johns, but coach was going to take us to the best pizza parlor in New York, the California Pizza Kitchen. Now he’s going to miss it…it’s just sad.” It is not yet known if the party will be salvaged by Kelly’s assistant coaches or if it will happen at all. What is known is that it’s too late for Kelly to get back his deposit at the Time Square California Pizza Kitchen.


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