Reggie Wade

Bio: I'm Reggie Wade. I'm a writer and stand up comic from Brooklyn. NY. I have written sports articles for cover32.com, and I have written comedy for Kiwibomb.com and ADA Sport. Inc. I was trained at the UCB theater in the field of sketch comedy writing. I have been a writer for 6 years. My primary goal is to become a professional screenwriter.

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Reggie,

    I’ve been reading your blogs on Elite Daily, and I really enjoy your outlook of life and positivity.
    I am also a content creator myself, for my company MORALE Agency.
    Recently, I created a video on 5 Reasons Why Your Life is Amazing.
    It’s been getting traction on YouTube and Facebook, and I believe that it will be a great for for your next blog or post!

    If you have a minute check it out and feel free to use it for content.

    Kyle Sheng

  2. Hi Reggie,

    I came across one of your articles on elitedaily.com and as a woman who had been through quite a similar experience, i just wanted to say it was an incredibly beautiful read and has resonated with me deeply.
    I’m aware that the article was written quite a while ago so i hope that you have conquered the world of relationships since then and have conquered the fear accompanied with them too 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I love to hear from readers! Unfortunately I have not conquered my relationship problems but I think I’m starting to go in the right direction. Facing my fears.

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